Finding your Sphere of Influence – Sphere, a Decentralized Social Network

The boom of technology and new advancement in science has played a vital role in making our lives efficient and comfortable. The internet has become the main medium for communication and entertainment around the world. One channel that has to grow and developed a lot is SOCIAL MEDIA or NETWORK. Some social network household names... Continue Reading →


The Ketogenic Diet and Fats: What are the Health Risks from Cholesterol?

What you should know about cholesterol, inflammation, and cardiovascular disease.


What is Ketosis? Dealing with Keto-flu and Keto-adaptation.

What you need to know about ketosis, keto-flu, and keto-adaptation.


A Food Guide for the Ketogenic Diet!

A quick guide to eating on a ketogenic diet.


What is the Ketogenic diet?

The ketogenic diet is a means to nourish your body and manage weight loss, obesity, diabetes, and more.


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